"Morasha” Institution

Yaron’s interest in the world of research comes not only from a desire to go deeper in understanding the music which he performs, but also to preserve and safeguard music cultures in our post-traditional world. This last year (2021), Yaron established “Morasha” (Hebrew for “Heritage”). This organization gives financial and technical help to artists and composers belonging to minority groups suffering from oppression and persecution. Our most recent project, “God Of Love,” gave the stage to an Iranian woman who was interrogated and tracked by the Iranian regime after converting to Christianity. The project presents the poetic text of Nafas Zendegani (pseudonym) that Yaron accompanied playing the Persian Tar.

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The poem

The poem “God of Love” was written by an Iranian woman with a Muslim background. A few years ago, she accepted faith in Jesus. Several times she was brought to prison due to suspicions against her by the regime. Of course, in the shadow of such a reality, she is not free to express her beliefs in public. Like many other Iranian-believers, she must stay underground when practicing her faith with other sisters and brothers. This collaboration called, “The Singing Nightingale” was created by Yaron Cherniak and Nafas Zendegani (pseudo name), along with a number of other dear people who made it happen. This is meant to identify with the underground church in Iran and the oppressed community. Zendegani’s poem and Or Saadi‘s dance is a response to the ongoing protest, as well as declaring from personal experience that God is the God of love and not the God of oppression and torture.

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Iran today sees what is known as the “Hijab Protest”, which is a struggle for rights, freedom and the desire to go back to normality. What ignited the renewed struggle against the Islamic Republic is the unjust death of Mahsa Amini who, due to wearing a hijab incorrectly, was punished in such a way that led to her death. Today after months of protests about 14,000 people have been imprisoned in Iran, boys, girls, adults, evidence of people’s disappearance, rape in prison cells and torture is a day today reality. Currently it is known about 300 people who were killed either during the demonstrations or during their imprisonment. The hijab protest is also a protest against the cynicism that is seen due to the theocratic rule that claims to be the representatives of the Shia-Muslim God and yet acts in a way that violates all basic human rights, oppresses and break the souls of the country’s citizens.